Local or International accounts with multi-currency IBANs to send and receive high-value business payments

No need to have multiple bank accounts and presence in different countries. Select which country you wish to trade in and we will open a local account for you there

Who can open an account?

A 3S Money Account is a solution for international businesses with global operations. Choose a country where you want to open an account and check use cases with smart solutions that we offer to our clients from different industries:


International Trade demands the ability to receive payments from anywhere in the world and deliver money to partners in seconds. We believe international business payments should be instant and free. We are working to make that happen

Super-quick Payments

Fast Compliance

Professional Support

Instant payments in the UK and Asia. Near real-time European and same day international settlement  

Experienced in-house compliance team with a deep understanding of international trade. Average response time 20 minutes

Dedicated personal manager, who is just a phone call or a message away 

Countries and markets

With a 3S Money Account you can collect from and pay to all major markets and in all major currencies. We offer multiple payment and collection capabilities on a single platform: EUR IBANs in 6 countries, USD IBAN and a UK GBP local account and sort code. FX capabilities and a live currency desk are available for 35+ currencies:

For more options for e-commerce and online marketplace trading: link your 3S Money Account to Amazon, Paypal and Shopify
Marketplace collections are free

Basic fee schedule

Local collections are free
Membership starts from
Fixed payments for transactions

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